Hope from the depths of darkness

Creating a heritage through hope

Hello, my name is Keeshann, I am a wife to my husband of 30 years, 32 if we add the time we met. 

I want to share why the mission of Invisible Line is important to me.

          My husband and I met October 17, 1986. It was an unexpected encounter. His first words to me were, "Do you need a boyfriend." Pretty original and cute, but terrify for me considering the time and location we were in. But for us history was being made. Life in the beginning of our relationship was hard. As teens we found ourselves pregnant. Not only that, James was living the life of a gang member, which brought an array of problems. Amid the gang, James lived and projected the wrong things he learned from his upbringing on me.  I was dealing with adultery, violence, verbal, mental and physical abuse from him. I often hurt, wondering if I would have to take our children to visit him in prison, or at a grave site, either one was inevitable with the lifestyle he was living. 

          Walking in line with this crazy lifestyle, I found myself in a state of depression. I believed life had to be better than what I was living, I just couldn't figure out how to reach it. In the midst of my despair, death seemed to be the only way out. As I contemplated how I was going to commit suicide to rid myself from so much pain and suffering, I heard a small still voice say, "If you call on the name of Jesus, He'll come." At that very moment I shouted to the Lord, asking if He was real and that I needed Him right then. I woke the next day with my life on a new path. This time with the Lord leading. James and I lives started changing in an amazing way. For me it was over night,  it took God some time to work out the kinks that lead James to be the man he was to the man he is. Then together God transformed us into the people He created us to be.

         During our life transformation, we suffered a great loss. My young sister-in-law Janice, at the age of fifth teen was killed by her estranged boyfriend. She had a five-month-old baby and was three months pregnant with her second child when her life was taken. In our world teen pregnancy was normal. Because of the many tragedies she suffered in her young life, from sexual, verbal, mental and physical abuse. It seemed normal, what we call learned behaviors, for her to get involved with a guy who for-filled all those attributes. When she learned life didn't have to be that way, she joined me in giving her life to Christ. A few weeks later a gun was put to the back of her head and the trigger pulled. The only relief I got from the tragedy was on May 21, 1990, I knew she went to be with Jesus. 

        In 2012 I wrote my first book, a fictional novel from a nightmare I had called For Keeps. Right after I finished the story another family tragedy happened. Actually, there were several horrendous deaths from shooting in my husband’s family, but this one stuck out. On February 21, 2013 James cousin Strawberry was shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend. We had seen this same  incident 23 years earlier. Strawberry had a five-month-old baby and she was three months pregnant. Lightning Strikes Twice. For me, I  had to find a way to honor these women and shed light on generational curses. Writing a story seemed to be the only logical answer. This was my way of keeping their life stories alive and for them to never be forgotten, placed on a shelf as another static who suffered as a product of their environment. 

        During my search of the news articles for my sister and cousin in law, I found this phenomenon is not only restricted to poor communities but all communities and financial statuses. There have been hundreds of young and older women who have suffered the same fate of murder while pregnant by their significant other. My goal now is to bring awareness to the situations. 

        Invisible Line project is working to create a miniseries. Right now, we are trying to raise the funds necessary to not only shed light on these unfortunate murders, but to show how healing and change can come out of a tragic situation or lifestyle. Today James and I share 20 children 5 birth and 13 adopted and 2 foster, who will soon be adopted as well. Our marriage continues to evolve with its ups and downs as we grow together. We are a living testimony of the great works of God, and I feel the story needs to be shared with the world to bring hope to those who may or not be living in the same situation James and I was in.   

How you can help

You can help this mission in a few ways. One by sharing my story . Two you can submit a financial donation to our cause.  Thank you in advance.


James and Keeshann


Even Better Together

Janice Jones


Gone but never forgotten

July 8, 1974 - May 21, 1990

Strawberry Edwards


In loving memory 

September 14, 1991 - February 21, 2013