Invisible Line


 We are a team of artists and filmmakers, teaming up to create a miniseries that depicts real life situations. The story is centered around one family who encounters many individuals from all walks of life, who are also dealing with family dilemmas. Within the show, we want to capture the hard times that individuals go through while also showing the good that can come out of every bad situation; not leading people to false hope, but delivering genuine awareness of the joy that can be achieved through faithfulness and forgiveness.       


Our goal is to bring awareness of life circumstances to all. We want to expose the magnitude of hardships that some individuals live through. On the contrary, showing how many individuals have chosen to be generous, giving, sacrificial and caring, no matter the race, creed or nationality of a person.    


Our mission is to highlight situations of the lingering effects from family generational curses, giving our audience some solutions on how, if applied to one's life, can lead to overcoming some intolerable family traditions. 



In order for us to achieve our mission of creating a miniseries, we are asking for your financial support for the development of Invisible Line, which we believe will have a positive impact on its television audience. Any financial amount will help our team in completing our work. We cannot bring the vision to life without your support.                                                                    

                      Thank you in advance!


The story that inspired the miniseries

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 In 1947, Ashley’s life of hell began when her mother’s new boyfriend decided she wasn’t enough for him sexually. The physical and sexual abuse against young Ashley was frequent and violent. Ashley was not allowed to tell anyone about her horrendous circumstances because the families’ main house rule was, “What happens at home, stays at home.” Ashley’s heart yearned to be free. When she got the opportunity to escape the hell she called home, she bravely took it. Remembering how her mother allowed the abuse to happen, Ashley built up hatred in her soul towards her. Vowing never to allow her children to endure what she experienced.Sadly, one day, the realization of her life’s path was clear. Ashley had become just like the very person she loathed. She had become like her mother. Lost in the same cycle of abuse and neglect with her own children, placing them in the same hell she managed to escape. Is she stuck in a generational curse? Can Ashley and her children be set free, or is their destiny sealed?